Thai Sana Sushi Menu

Any substitutions or additions to your sushi are welcome.

  • Appetizers

    Steamed soy beans tossed in sea salt.
    Seaweed Salad
    Seaweed Salad with sesame seeds and cucumber.
    Chicken wrapped with dumpling skin and steamed or fried.
  • Rolls and Combos

    #1 Spicy Tuna Roll
    Fresh Tuna, scallion and avocado.
    #2 Spicy Salmon Roll
    Wild Salmon, scallion, avocado and hot sauce.
    #3 Eel Roll
    Grilled eel with spicy sauce.
    #4 Cream Cheese Roll
    Cucumber, carrot and cream cheese.
    #5 California Roll
    Imitation Crab, cucumber, avocado and carrot.
    #6 California Eel Roll
    California roll topped with grilled eel.
    #7 Crunchy Shrimp Roll
    Tempura Shrimp and cucumber with spicy sauce.
    #8 Lobster Roll
    Fresh Maine lobster, cucumber, avocado, topped with spicy eel sauce.
    #9 King Tuna Roll
    Tuna and cucumber, avocado, spicy sauce and wrapped with tuna.
    #10 Soft Shell Crab Roll
    Tempura battered soft shell crab and spicy sauce.
    #11 Jenny Roll
    Tuna, cream cheese and cucumber with ginger inside.
    #12 Nigiri Combo
    Tuna, Salmon and Tiger Shrimp.
    #13 Nigiri/Maki Combo
    California eel roll, tuna, salmon and tiger shrimp nigiri.
    #14 Maki Combo
    Spicy Salmon Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll and a spicy Maine Shrimp Roll.